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Monoid makes it easy for shoppers to get quick discounts while helping out businesses they love - all while keeping control of their own data.


How it works

Get instant discounts at your favorite online stores in 3 simple steps.

Click the Monoid widget

Look for the green Monoid widget wherever you shop. Can't find it on your favorite store? Let us know at Want to put Monoid on your own website? Join our waitlist at!

Answer questions

Answer as many questions as you want, and accrue a discount for each one.

Get instant discounts

Get a discount code that you can use right away. Want to keep track of codes, auto-answer questions, get access to exclusive discounts, and see where your answers are going? Sign up for a free Monoid account to save everything to your profile.

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What does Monoid do with my information?

Answers you submit are visible only to the retailers you submitted the answers to. We provide this information to stores to help them better understand who's going through their websites and create better relationships with their customers!

Can I use Monoid on my own (non-retail) website?

Certainly! We provide services for any website that wants to better understand its visitors - join our waitlist to get in touch!

What control do I have over my data?

Monoid's mission is to give users back control over their information while letting them cash in on the benefits of sharing it. With a user account, you can view all of the questions you've ever answered, see which businesses have access to that information, and revoke access or delete your answers with a click.