E-commerce personalization made easy

Retailers that personalize their websites and outreach increase revenue by 20%. Join our waitlist to see how easy that can be.


Ask Customers Questions

With the Monoid widget available on Shopify, customers get instant discounts for giving you first-party data.

Flexible question types

Ask for anything from demographic information to shopping preferences to purchase history.

Maximize engagement

Browse other businesses' questions and their success rates to optimize for filled surveys.

Capture emails

Customers have unified profiles, so the information they choose to provide is attached to their emails for easy outreach.

Recommend Products

Show customer's products they're likely to love based on their answers.

Customizable recommendations

Create personalized recommendation rules based on customer responses.

Enhance product discovery

Don't wait for customers to find the right products - show them in the first few seconds.
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Build Customer Relationships

Personalize outreach through integrations and understand large-scale trends with our dashboards.

Personalize outreach

Leverage third-party CRM integrations to segment your customers and launch personalized campaigns based on their answers.

Analyze trends

Use our data dashboard to understand the makeup of your customers and identify your next product or campaign.